What's the difference between a recipe and a meal?


Recipes are useful if you would like to create a new, single food item made up of other food item ingredients. For example, a homemade pizza.

Recipes are usually used when preparing or baking something and measuring each individual ingredient separately.

To log a recipe, navigate to "Library" > "My Recipes" from the Log Food screen, then select the recipe to log.


Meals are useful if you would like to quickly log groups of food together, where each food is logged as a separate item. For example, your standard morning breakfast of coffee and toast.

You can create a meal one of two ways:

  1. After logging a meal, tap the "…" button in the food log, then select "Save Meal".
  2. From the Log Food screen, tap the "+" button in the bottom toolbar, then select "Create Meal".

To log a saved meal, navigate "Library" > "My Meals" form the Log Food screen, then select the meal to log.

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