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FoodNoms is a food tracking app that's designed to be fast and built to respect your privacy.

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Why you'll love FoodNoms

FoodNoms is built for people who are serious, or want to get serious, about food tracking.
Powerful nutrition goal tracking
FoodNoms is designed with an understanding that everyone has different health and nutrition goals. Set daily target and budgets for 20 different nutrients, including water, net carbs, and caffeine.
Scans nutrition labels in seconds
Meet a food tracking app that's not limited by its database. If the product you have is not already in the database, simply scan its nutrition label instead. Then the next time you want to log the food item again, just use the barcode and it will scan immediately.
Polished, distraction-free design
Consistency is key with food tracking. That's why it's important to use a food tracking app that's fast and frictionless.
Doesn't require you to be a perfectionist
Unlike other apps, with FoodNoms you can indicate how uncertain you are. When you mark an entry as an estimate, the entries store a range of nutrition values instead of a single value.
Recipes, saved meals, and custom foods
Save your frequently-logged meals and recipes for fasting logging and super accurate nutrition data.
Protects your privacy
FoodNoms never asks for your name or email address, and it doesn't display advertisements or sell your data. Your data is stored on your personal iCloud account.

"FoodNoms is the easiest food tracker I've ever used and the only one I've been able to stick with. It's helped to get my diet on track."

FoodNoms user since May 2020

Free yourself from distractions.
Upgrade from MyFitnessPal.

FoodNoms is not a general-purpose fitness tracker. You won't find blog posts, recipe recommendations, unnecessary social features, or advertisements. The app keeps you focused on logging what you eat and tracking the metrics that matter to you.

FoodNoms is engineered to be fast, designed to be beautiful, and built to integrate well within the Apple ecosystem.

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Nutrition label scanner

Rich nutrition data you can trust

The FoodNoms database builds on top of the trusted USDA FoodData Central database, which features hundreds of thousands of foods and millions of data points.

The total FoodNoms database contains over 300,000 foods and is growing daily with help from the FoodNoms community. Community contributions are moderated for quality.

When you encounter a new food that's not yet in the FoodNoms database, you can use the app's unique nutrition label scanner, which scans exact amounts – including macros, minerals and vitamins – within seconds.

Tight integration with iOS

A lot of time and attention has been put into making FoodNoms a great experience for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
Connects to the Health app
Your nutrition data is kept secure in the Apple Health app because it is encrypted and protected with the passcode on your device.
Automation with shortcut actions
Create useful shortcuts to log your favorite food, meals, and drinks. You can use these shortcuts with Siri, home screen widgets, Apple Watch, and the Shortcuts app.
Home screen widgets and Apple Watch complications
Track your goals, macros, log food and more right from your device's home screen and Apple Watch face.
Syncs with iCloud
Sync your data across your Apple devices without needing to create an account.
Best food tracking app I've ever used!

And believe me, I've gone through a lot of them. FoodNoms is the first one that looks nice, feels nice to use, and has every feature I'd expect and more. Scan a barcode and it's not in the database? It'll roll right into scanning the label, intelligently picking out all the nutritional info, so you can add it to your database - after which, it'll ask if you want to submit it to the public database, for that crowdsourced magic. Chef's kiss, it's beautiful. Beyond that, it fits in on iOS perfectly - the visual style works very well, and it saves everything to the Health app, so I can write all sorts of silly little Shortcuts to analyze my data in the weird ways I want to. I love it. Seriously, I cannot recommend this app enough. If you're looking for a food tracker, this is the one.

Much better than MyFitness Pal

I love FoodNoms. They don’t have as large of a database as MyFitnessPal but when you can scan nutrition labels then it doesn’t matter as much. The ability to add approximations and estimates, easily see macro goals, and the exceptionally clean UI on both iPhone and iPad make this a must-have if you like to track nutrition!

Best iOS calorie tracking app

I recently started a weight loss program. When I asked the coach if he could recommend an app for tracking calories he showed me “myfitnesspal” as the standard app. When he opened it there was a 20s loading screen, followed by a full screen video ad, then navigation to get to the calorie tracking. No thanks. I tried a bunch of different apps with similar problems. FoodNoms is the only calorie tracking app I could find that wasn't annoying, and has a decent food database. And the tight integrations with iOS and the health app are better than I could find anywhere else. Thanks for making a well designed app that is a pleasure to use. Looking forward to further improvements to the food database.

O Johnston

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FoodNoms is made with 🧡 by Ryan Ashcraft (@ryanashcraft), an independent developer.
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