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"Track all of your food without wanting to throw your phone."

Oliver Haslam, iMore

"With FoodNoms, I’ve found it easier to stick with food tracking than ever before."

John Voorhees, MacStories

"FoodNoms offers robust food, calorie, macros tracking with an Apple-like UI."

Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Designed to Make Food Tracking Easier and More Rewarding

Designed for iOS

Taking advantage of the latest platform features.

Screenshot of the main view including a list of food logged today and a section for the current status on several configured goals

Customizable Nutrition Goals

Track calories, macros, and even intermittent fasts.

Screenshot of the goals view including statistics and charts

Smart Suggestions

Suggestions based on your food habits to save you time.

Screenshot of the log food view including a list of suggested food items

Nutrition Label Scanning

Quickly capture accurate data from packaged foods.

Screenshot of the nutrition label scanning interface, scanning a nutrition label on a canned good

Log with Siri

Create your own Siri Shortcuts to log food and check your goals.

Screenshot of the Siri user interface with a request to log a protein bar with a successful response from Siri with some nutritional information

Health App Integration

Automatically adjust goals and record 35+ nutrition types.

Screenshot of the HealthKit authorizatioin dialog in the app

Your Data & Privacy

Syncs via iCloud

Sync your data across your Apple devices without needing to create an account.

Connects with the Health App

Optionally share your nutrition data with other apps via the Health App.

Built to Protect Your Privacy

Your data is never sold to other parties, nor is it used to target you for advertisements.