What's the difference between a target, budget, and range goal?

When creating or editing a goal, you have the option to determine what kind of goal you'd like it to be: a target, budget, or range goal.

In short:

  • Budgets: You want to eat no more than the specified amount
  • Targets: You want to eat at least the specified amount
  • Range: You want to eat between the two specified amounts

Here are some examples to illustrate the differences:

  • If you want to lose weight and restrict your calorie intake, when making a calorie goal, choose "Budget". This way, a day will be considered successful if you eat less than the indicated calorie (or kJ) amount.
  • If you are wanting to make sure you are getting enough water or protein in a day, you'll want to select "Target". This way, a day will be considered successful if you eat at least the indicated amount.
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