Why is my data not syncing?

There are several reasons why FoodNoms is having trouble syncing your data:

  • You are not signed into iCloud on one of your devices
  • Your iCloud account is out of space
  • Your iCloud account is restricted due to Parental Controls or Mobile Device Management restrictions
  • Your device is having internet connectivity issues
  • Your device is low on battery or in Low Power Mode

FoodNoms may be able to help you figure out what's wrong. In the Settings tab, check the reported iCloud status. FoodNoms will show an orange iCloud with lightning bolt symbol if there is an issue with your iCloud account.

Also note:

  • If FoodNoms hasn't recently been opened, it may take a while for data to appear
  • It is not possible to manually trigger a sync
FoodNoms is made with 🧡 by Ryan Ashcraft, an independent developer, and released under his LLC, Algebraic Labs.
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